Using Whisper App

We all possess some kind of secrets that we are embarrassed about  sharing with friends and family members. But often we are eager to confess our inner thoughts and views with others and take a review of what others think about your secret thoughts and actions. How about sharing your secret thoughts with the world without revealing your real identity? Is it even possible?

It is possible via Whisper app

It is an iOS and Android app and is free to download and use. The users get the opportunity to receive and send messages anonymously without the users getting to know about the real identities of the people. The best part is that the Whisper app doesn’t save your phone number, e-mail address, names and any kind of other information or details.

A community of secret sharers

The secret messages that are sent and received among the users are actually known as “whispers”. It appears more like a fashionable card, Instagram overlay or a meme. Basically, they are images with the superimposed texts. It is an amazing app that aims to bring together a community of secret sharers without actual revealing of the identities.