Using Redphone for Android

Do you have any idea about RedPhone? Well, it is an Android app that actually helps your smart phone to make secure calls. The communications become encrypted with the use of this app so that nobody can hear the conversation between the callers and understand about it. RedPhone is indeed an excellent option when you don’t want your call to get intercepted while making an important and secretive conversation.

An internet connection is made to make calls

RedPhone has been designed and developed in a manner that it allows you to make calls with the use of Voice Over IP or VoIP. It basically means that instead of the phone lines the internet connectivity is brought to use to make the voice calls. Thereby, it is more or less similar to that of the Google Voice app. But the RedPhone app makes use of the normal cell number and makes it friendlier and a cost effective means to maintain your conversation private.

Keep your calls private

You have the option of making calls to other users of RedPhone using the app or even make calls to those users with the app’s default system dialer set to RedPhone app. The app will offer you with the option of upgrading to an encrypted and private call automatically. It has proved to be an amazing app for the Android users and is a popular one among the people all over the globe.