Tinder has a Majority of Married Users!

Tinder is the online dating app that is ruling the dating world almost everywhere in the world. It is a location based application where people with mutual interests chat and some even end up with a relationship. The app is applicable for both iOS and Android operating system smart phone devices. It is widely used worldwide and this gets evident from the fact that the app is available in almost 30 languages.  

How does Tinder function?

It is exceptionally easy and simple as it finds out your location with the aid of GPS, followed by the information given on your FACEBOOK. Hence, your Tinder profile is set with your first name, age, pictures of your choices and the pages that you have liked on FACEBOOK. Based on all the information Tinder finds the potential matches for you and narrow it down with the location and age.


Controversy has always been a part of the dating app

There have been several controversies related to Tinder especially with its fake profiles and the increasing numbers of the spam campaigns. Furthermore, there have been issues with the location securities as well. Though these minor problems have been resolved without hassles but recently there has been studies done that claims that this dating app consists of users who are already married or in a relationship.