SoundHound’s new voice search app makes Siri and Cortana look slow

There is a new voice search app in the market that is already creating waves in the market and has received appreciation from the people all over the world. It is giving a very tough competition to Microsoft’s Cortana and Apple’s Siri. The new voice search app is known as Hound, an initiative of SoundHound Inc. The app has acquired immense popularity.

Hound is better than the existing virtual assistants

It is claimed by the officials of the company that the functionalities of Hound is way more advanced and better than the other existing virtual assistants like the Cortana and the Siri. If comparison is made, you will find that Hound has been designed in a manner to answer more complex queries and questions. It makes SoundHound’s new voice search app more competent and faster than its contenders in the market

What do you know about the app?

It is one such app that understands what you are looking for or trying to do when you speak to it. The app is basically a voice enabled search engine and acts as a personal assistant. According to the developers of the app, “When you want get hold of the fastest and the easiest means to services like communication, entertainment and information, Hound will cater to the needs and has been built for a hands free world from the ground up.”