SCiO - the handheld scanner that can identify a whole lot of things

Have you ever wondered if it was possible to measure the calories in a piece of your favorite chocolate cake? How about computing the vitamin and other specifications in your medication? Does it sound like something that is out of a sci-fi movie? But the reality is that it is actually possible in the real life. Thanks to the small device named SCiO.

What is SCiO all about?

SCiO is a tiny or small handheld scanner and one must not be fooled by its size since it is quite powerful in analyzing the everything that you are ingesting. The high end technology has the potential to identify pills, liquid, fruits and other food items and tell you exactly what they are made of, calorie count, mineral percentages and so on.

It has become more advanced

Over the years SCiO has become better and more efficient with the introduction of some new features and attributes. According to Dror Sharon, the CEO and the co-founder of Consumer of Physics (the company behind the initiation of SCiO), “The current design of SCiO is equipped with more advanced features and increased functionalities when compared to the original molecular sensor that was founded few years back.”