Phree Smart Pen Lets You Take Notes Anywhere, on Anything

It goes without saying that smart pens are wonderful innovation, but most of them come with limitations and restrictions. Usually they need a special paper or a support system for the movement of the pen. But there is one smart pen that stands out unique and it doesn’t need any special notebook from the company and also doesn’t require any wireless receiver to function. You can literally take down notes anywhere irrespective of the surfaces.

What is the new technology all about?

The new and the latest smart phone introduced in the market is known as Phree. It is an amazingly terrific tool for the creative people who can retouch the photos and sketch digitally with the highest degrees of accuracy and precision. The smart pen is designed in the shape of a carpenter’s pencil, which is comfortable and ergonomic to use and use it for a prolonged period of time frame.

How does it work?

It works with the help of the laser technology. The creators of Phree have designed and developed the world’s smallest laser interferometer and stuffed it into the tip of the pen. It bangs the lasers on the surface you are writing and catches that rebounds back. Phree thereby turns that into input, whether it is handwritten notes, just movements or doodles which it then sends to a connected Bluetooth device.