PepsiCo is known to be the one the top beverage makers in the world. But according to their CEO Indra Nooyi, they are not dependent on the sodas for the revenue any longer. Now they are more into producing healthy and nutritional daily use products like juices, unsweetened water, hummus, and chips etc.  

Pepsi, Not The Prospect Of Pepsico Anymore

In 2007, PepsiCo got hold of Naked Juice, and last year they started distributing Starbucks Drinks all over America. The hold of PepsiCo on the major soft drinks and juices put it at a better place than the Coke. PepsiCo’s major focus is on the everyday nutrition products, and these products make up 25% of worldwide proceeds.

This year, PepsiCo has decided to set up 20,000 Hello Goodness retailing machines in North America. These machines will be installed in workplaces, healthcare, transportation, and governmental facilities. They will feature products like Smart Food Delight Popcorn, Sabra hummus cups, oven baked lays, Naked Juices, Tropicana, Propel and much more.