Laura Bush is the wife of the US president George W. Bush and was the First Lady of the United States for the period January 20, 2001 – January 20, 2009. She recalls and opens up to her daughter Barbara about the 9/11 incident on the September 11 morning when she arrived at the Capitol at 9:15 for the Senate Education Committee. The head of Secret Service Ron Sprinkle informed her about the plane hitting the North Tower of the World Trade Centre.

According to plan she met Senator Kennedy for the scheduled briefing however none of them said a word. Senator Kennedy started to talk and led her on his office tour despite the critical situation and kept his eyes off the television all this time.


Laura continued stating about the situation that she have often wondered if at that time the small talk that morning from Ted was a sort of defense tool as he had been through a lot of shocks in life  mainly losing his family.  Regarding the 9/11 attacks she mentioned that “In a lot of ways it changed everything for us,” She explained the value of relationships in life and the moment of connection between the generations.

When asked her about the biggest surprise of her life she stated that her two daughters Barbara and Jenna are the biggest and best surprise of her life.