PLAY GAMEWhen your child is given an unlimited play game time, there are more negative effects than the positive outcomes. As a guardian, you need to ensure that your child doesn’t get addicted to playing video games.

Are you concerned about your children’s  growing habit of playing video games for the majority of the time? Do you know about the effects of video games on the teenagers? Did the problem of playing video games is now turning into an addiction? If you are facing such problems or issues in your teenage son or daughter, it is high time when as a parent, you must look into the matter seriously. Physically and mentally, it is not a healthy thing. Let your child enjoy the real world activities as well.

Video games are becoming an addiction

Video games are the most popular source of entertainment for the young children and this is growing into an addiction very quickly and rapidly among the young generation. The effect of video games is generally taken as a dangerous aspect, especially when your has a long play game period on the computer screen or smart phone for a prolonged time period.

What are the negative impacts noticed?

  • Violent and aggressive behavior is noticed.
  • There is a distraction from the studies and other primary focuses that a child must aim for.
  • Kids involved in a long play game time period more often takes up easy fights
  • Kids gradually start losing interest in taking up other fun and social activities.
  • There is a lack of social communication skills as they like to dwell in the virtual gaming world.
  • Obesity among the kids and teenagers are noticed due to the lack of physical activities.

Don’t let the negativity of video games affect your child

There is no doubt several positive effects of playing video games, but the negative impacts are so dangerous and powerful that, often the pros get surpassed. Your kid learns logical and problem solving skills, multitasking, mathematical solving and so many other benefits. But, it is possible only when a child’s play game time is limited and there is no scope of addiction.