Coming as a delight for the Gmail users on Nexus device, the company authority declares that it is on the verge of rolling out the solution to fix the problem of non receipt of alerts on incoming emails. Lenovo comes up with the introduction of the Vibe-P1 Smartphone at the Indonesian market.

Gmail users on Nexus devices can now expect a fix to the problem of not getting the alerts on incoming email

It had been a concern among the NEXUS mobile users that they were not getting the notifications on the incoming emails at their Gmail account. These concerns had made the Gmail users on Nexus devices severely as they had been missing the alerts on some crucial emails that require their immediate attention. Nexus authority had confirmed that the yare on the verge of rolling out solutions that would fix the troubles in this regard.

Lenovo launches the Vibe-P1 Smartphone

To delight the Indonesian Smartphone users, Lenovo comes forward with the launching of its Vibe-P1 model that comes with much intelligent features. The device carries improved rear cameras and it comes with dual SIM compatibility. The phone carries 2 GB RAM that would enable the users to handle the data better.