Drones could make Amazon’s dream of free delivery profitable

Amazon is a famous online retail shop that is immensely popular among the crowd all over the world. It is because of the plethora of products it offers at a reasonable price rate. It is no doubt a huge core business, but enjoys only low margins of profit. It has not stopped the e-commerce company to experiment with new aspects and services for the customers.

Amazon has plans for drone deliveries

Amazon has made an official announcement that it will start rolling out free shipping services for its customers with the products and items that weigh 8 ounces or less without putting any restrictions on the numbers of the order size. There is another catch to the free shipping services from Amazon’s end where the help of airborne drones will be taken for the items weighing 5 ounces and less.

It will be a profitable venture

Doesn’t this methodology sound exciting and exclusive? According to the analysis made by Tasha Keeney of Investment Firm Ark, it has been found that the drone delivery can be actually profitable. There are anticipations that the same day drone delivery with mere low charges will become the best delivery option adopted by the e-commerce company.