Dogs are known to be very loyal animals. But that’s not all; they are also very affectionate of the people and the place they live in. This fact is supported by this incident which happened in Welsh village of Penrhyncoch. 50 years old farmer Alan James was very shocked seeing his dog back in the farm when he had given him away to another farmer 240 miles away.

A 240 Mile Long Journey Of A Dog Back To His Beloved Farm

The farmer and his wife, Shan, suspect that their dog was homesick which made him take a long journey back to his family. They even said that when the dog saw him he was overjoyed and was jumping up on them.

Apparently, the dog was not so much happy in the new environment. On a routine day while gathering the sheep, the pooch just ran across the fields and that was the last new farmer saw him. After 12 days of departure, the dog reached his old farm, leaving Alan James and his wife Shan, shocked.